Sirius sucks sometimes

I love my satellite radio but I also hate it. 

I have one in my car and a portable one for my man which traverses from a yard work/housework appropriate boombox to his vehicle. Initially I was excited for the novelty of satellite radio with the purchase of a new used car in late 2009, but I quickly got hooked on instant access to ’80s classic rock, new (not nu) metal, classical music, 90’s alternative, Broadway show tunes (high school flashback. I can’t help but “la-la-la la-la-la-la-la!” along to Once on this Island), and the ubiquitous Howard Stern.

Recently formats have changed and new shit has come to light. The boneyard, previously held together by Dio based groups, Judas Priest, good black sabbath, scorpions and other good music is now referred to as “ozzy’s boneyard” which is comprised of incoherent ozzy blahsbourne mumbling, ted nugent and shitty black sabbath. Most recently we have heard slipknot, marilyn manson and additional ted nugent. Likewise the metal channel has turned into some amalgam of retro and obscure shit mixed with deftones, as well as and motorhead and other bands which belong on other channels or in the garbage*. Occasionally I’ll still get some good thrash or charred walls of the damned but it’s rare. Even the Howard Stern channels (At first I didn’t get the Howard phenomenon but eventually I wished I could subscribe to Howard exclusively and skip all the music stuff) has changed to a format where repeats and best of shows have become the norm instead of the exception and all new episodes revolve around America’s got Talent and lesser whack-packers (that’s not goo for anybody).

The most unfortunate part is that I just spent $70 to replace my man’s radio receiver (after activating Sirius offered me one for $20… thanks) after I doused it in iced tea. Can’t really decide what to do about it all. We have so many good metal CDs now I could live without, but a good George Takei, Gilbert Gotfried or Andrea Ownby session and some new Howards might change my mind but who knows.

One thing that struck me as unusual today was the fact that on Liquid Metal they played a song I had never heard from 1990 by Scatterbrain(who?) called Don’t call me dude. It seemed a blatant rip off of the 1983 classic Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies. Why not just play the original non-sucky version? On the bright side learning such a song exists reminded me of a time when I was 5 and I threw a moody fit that my brother “JER CALLED ME A DUDE! 😦 😦 :(” while playing lincoln logs which my father would never let me live down.

*obviously motorhead does not belong in the garbage.


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