Catalogs are the only thing worse than the internet

My sister in law just got a new job and I took on the role of professional fashion consultant since she’s going back to work after 5 years as a stay at home mommy and has not had an office job until now. We pored for hours over a catalog to decide what would be just right for her new job. When it came time to place an order we went online and found that 75% of the items we chose were out of stock or not available in her size/color. We could get SOME of those things but not until random dates in May and June which were not helpful.

Finally after spending several more hours digging through the webite for the catalog, we came to some agreement of tops and pants that would work out and paid an extra $18 to get the stuff shipped Tuesday (today) her second day of work. Of course upon returning home from work, there is no shipment of clothes. I track the order and find it has yet to be processed or shipped. I called the customer service 3 times (the first two I got a recording soliciting me to call a sexy chat line and then a busy signal) and finally after playing “who’s on first” with the customer service rep was given a non working UPS tracking number (obviously it has not shipped despite him taking 5 minutes to come up with this number and telling me it had) and finally told “oh i thought you meant NEXT tuesday”. So long story short, the stuff will get here within a week of the promised date.

I don’t know how older ladies deal with catalogs. Maybe they’re just used to not getting what they want or they don’t mind talking over “solutions” or compromises over the phone. This is yet another reason why I generally refuse to spend more than $8.99(and that’s damn high) for a piece of clothing (I’m a pretty staunch Goodwill devotee).


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