Don’t go to Southern Plaza for anything ever (Except Payless shoes… they’re okay)

1- eyewear: upon losing my job in spring 2010, I realized it was time to get some contacts before my insurance ran out. My boyfriend also needed glasses and contacts so we went to the nearest place in southern plaza. It became a whole ordeal lasting months when they ended up putting the wrong options on his glasses and had to redo them, gave him dried out contacts, didn’t bother to do anything about my astigmatism etc. Also the girls who work there were all really annoying and talky and made our anxieties flare up big time. Ironically I spent a lot of time waiting at the desk on my many problem resolving visits staring at the sign for the eye doctor across the street.

2- big donut: they are out of everything. they will ignore you. their coffee sucks.

3- firestone: they are the worst.

4- radioshack: I’ve had plenty of experiences here, I must be some kind of glutton for punishment (or just too lazy to travel more than 5 minutes to get anything). i went to ask about phones today since mine now not only doesn’t take messages, ring or have a reliable alarm, but it also does not charge.

The girl working was cute and helpful but not at all knowledgeable. I was ready to plunk down $150 for a new phone and then despite what the website says they were out of stock. They offered me a different phone for “two” ($279) or another for “100 more than the one you’re looking at” that was, as her kristen stewart-esque constituent repeatedly insisted, “totally worth it” (and $300… double the price of what i was looking at). The math pretty much never checks out. There was also a brief discussion of whether iphones are $300 or $500 (I’m guessing more based on prior low balling history).

Another time we ordered a clock “site to store” and they lost it for weeks on the manager’s desk.

5- Target- it was a pretty skanky albeit practical no frills target when it was there but now it’s gone and replaced by shoppers world which is like a ghetto-er version of ValueCity (which I also sort of miss).

6- Dollar Tree- get ready to wait in line and probably argue about prices even though it’s the fucking dollar tree where everything costs $1.


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