Beerly departed

Last night I had a dream where among other ridiculous happenings I was going to take my dad out for a beer (or wine) on a visit to my alma mater. He told me in the dream that he enjoyed “hearty American malt” but I know in real life he hates beer or at least the idea of beer since he doesn’t drink and is proud to say he’s never been drunk. We’ve enjoyed a few minute glasses of wine in the past with cheese and crackers but that’s the extent of our boozy bonding.

When I awoke I considered buying him a beer at F12 (they have this thing where you can buy a beer for someone to be picked up at a later time:, but I did not want to have to answer questions when it was never picked up and oh yeah by the way I bought a beer for a deceased person who doesn’t drink thats not wierd right? I know they think I’m quirky over there but I don’t want to come off as an absolute loon either.


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