Weekend Notes

New policy: when possible, only buy live plants and garden supplies from a place which employs at least one domestic animal.

In lieu of buying my dad a posthumous beer, I found him a little garden statue of greater or equal value. I am thinking of writing a message on the bottom so no one throws it away and to make it more meaningful but I’m having trouble thinking of anything personal that doesn’t come off as a threat as most of his mantras do (i.e. “No good deed goes unpunished” or “don’t fall into the rabbit hole”). 
I used to have a notebook with shit he said (long before that twitter thing mind you) but I burned it with a bunch of other notebooks full of shit poetry and songs I wrote and letters I received when I was in a transitional phase. I don’t really miss them, I hate to have too much stuff anyhow.

If I run out of ideas there’s always Bible verses he’d like to spout or “there’s no place like home”.

On a less, or perhaps equally, depressing note, I opted to get a current cell phone that I don’t have to frantically load minutes onto. So far i’m impressed by my ability to check the weather. I briefly thought about getting a twitter but I don’t think I know anyone who has one (outside of my BF and everyone he already gives me updates on), I don’t know how the stupid language works and I remembered I can just write as much as I would like to here without the awkwardness of having limited readership or pretending to care what other people are talking about.


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