Traveler’s Log — Day 2

7:30 Wake up wondering why it isn’t 7:00 and make a mental note to learn to use my 21st century phone properly sometime. Put on make-up and a green skirt, blue and white striped v neck sweater and black pumps. Realize that I already have some unidentifiable liquid stained on my first of two pairs of new tights.

8:00 Dine on fruits, oatmeal with brown sugar raisins and apples, a couple of potato cubes and a piece of bacon. Begin habitual daylong meeting related coffee drinking.

8:30-12:00 Sit in the same room as breakfast and listen. Take allotted 15 minute break, run up to room, get flash drive with project I was working on until 12:30 last night, sweet talk the HR lady who brought a printer into making me 14 copies. Need one more copy but she’s busy so I vow to visit the business center later. Get up for 15 minute break, feel like passing out, eat tiny butter finger squares some textbook vendors brought. What are textbook vendors doing here besides giving out candy? Try to stay alert during meetings.

12:00-1:00 Score free singular copy and envelope from business center so I don’t spill coffee directly onto my project. Attend Indiana lunch. Get a promotional phone wipe(?) and watch our four new commercials. Sadly still not funny unlike the Washington and Texas commercials. One of my Washington students is going to be in a commercial probably. Messily eat salad, chicken and steak tacos, a little enchilada with mushrooms and something cheesy (cheese?) in it, a churro with some flan. I doubt the people of Mexico dip their churros in flan, but this is America. Sorry healthy eating, tacos showed up. Get complimented on my tiny purse.

1:00-5:30 sit in another room for 4.5 consecutive hours (minus a 10 minute break) and listen to IT talk half the room doesn’t understand. Realize during intermittent text-ing with boyfriend and Christina that my phone keeps correcting my correct English words into incorrect Spanish. To becomes yo EVERYTIME, it becomes ir, etc. Win a barrel of monkeys keychain for having good suggestions on how to make students graduate faster. Mentally nag self again to learn to use phone. Learn there is a dissension in our team as to what we’re supposed to do for our team activity. Participate in the parts of meeting I understand.

5:30 Team votes and decides to go to Bayou vs Cheesecake Factory 12 to 3. The people who wanted Cheesecake just go home. The rest of us wait for the elevators (or the crowd of people all trying to use the elevators at once), change (shoes), traipse to the Bayou across the street as a group where they serve Alligator cheesecake, fish dishes, pizzas, sandwiches and a laundry list of beers. Regret wearing a sweater as it’s still over 100 degrees. I enjoy a spinach salad with bacon and a hearty dose of sweet potato fries. Take a group photo with what’s left of our group (9 people showed up).

8:00 return to hotel, actually change into clothes that make sense. The chocolates today are different/tinier than the chocolates yesterday(1 @ matchbook sized vs 2 @ hershey nugget size). Luckily I stole 3 extra from the housekeeping cart on my way into the room. Get complimented for being cute in my tore up sneakers, jean shorts, and gorod shirt. Holly also agrees with me that the lobby floral arrangements smell like a funeral (I did not even bring it up, I’m glad not to be the only one who noticed).

8:15 start aimless walk with Lola, Lavender and Caron. Walk through downtown, up a hill, through a park which was once part of an alibi for a spousal murder, through a leash-less dog park and up a steep hill. See lots of dogs running amok, splashing in water, chasing each other. Talk with Lola about stuff like calcium citrate, yoga, inversion tables, how she stands all day at work, homemade tomato sauce and sewing. Turn around when it gets “dusky”. Walk back home downhill and mostly nonstop through “walk” signals (all the walk signals go “beep boop” at different pitches to the benefit of blind people). On the way back to the hotel I noticed we passed a Carl’s Jr’s (it’s what unfit mothers crave)/Green Burrito. Why can’t it just be red burrito? Is there a difference? Lavender’s walking app got lazy and turned off after a while but we walked at least 5 miles in 2 hrs.

10:15 return to room, consider a bath, blog instead. Bath now perhaps? Still very confused about what time it is and when to be tired. Computer says 12:43, phone says 10:44, room clock says 10:49; WordPress says it’s 5:05 am. As soon as I get used to the time change, it’ll be time to go home.

11:40 done with a refreshing bath. Post bath weigh in 166.4#. Could be worse considering my lax attitude toward eating wisely today.

11:54 It has come to my attention through gossip and reading the work communities I almost never read that not one, but at least two of the people I work with have peacocks for pets. One has seven. Wild.


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