Traveler’s log – day 3

Slept through alarm again. No more blackout curtains allowed!!

After salvaging my hair and face and locating my glasses, I donned yet another green frock (medium lime?)/grey cardigan and managed to snag breakfast before they took it away. Bacon fruit and 3 Reese cups.

Italian for lunch. I behaved reasonably until being unable to resist trying cannoli almond pastry tiramisu and some amaretto thing. Otherwise ate salad, grilled vegetables, 4 spinach raviolis and part of a teeny veggie calzone.

After lunch dropped computer with IT which is why this post is written in haste on a smartphone. Should get it back at some point tomorrow?

Later we had our annual presidents update where lucky people won ipads and trophies. After all 1700 or so employees absconded to the zoo, ate pulled pork sandwiches watermelon and salad (and taffy?) And talked to some animals.

I saw monkeys like the one in hangover 2, pretty peacocks and roosters roaming around, a lot of hot exhausted looking creatures, a tiger who loves swimming and got my picture with angie and a polar bear. A Reese cup melted in my tiny purse. I learned one of my teammates was an LDS missionary in his youth and he proceeded to tell us lds stuff.

There were more giveaways of iPods ipads apple TVs digital cameras kindled and gift cards but we won nothing for the 2nd consecutive year. Tomorrow they’re supposed to give away a trip to Hawaii. Id really like to win some shit.

Came home hung out with angie for a little bit so we could compare similar but vastly different rooms. Later took another great bath and ate some taffy and a protein bar. Weighed myself at some point at 166.8#.

Bed. Time. Now.


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