Traveler’s log day 4

Slept through my alarm for the 3rd day in a row and the sun finally woke me up in time to go to meetings. Missed breakfast, ate protein bar. Wore a grey shirt, a flowery blouse, and a cotton motorcycle jacket with heels.

Picked up my computer, Went to some trainings, ate lunch and break(salads, vegetables, chicken, waldorf salad, steak, I don’t remember) and took a nap in my room where again I did not hear my alarm. Went to more training, spent team time. Everyone liked the game I made for us to play it was funny to watch everyone be wrong when they were trying to match teammates to fun facts.

Hustled ass to change in to outfit two for the day which was the requisite 15th anniversary work tshirt (word is you had to wear it to be eligible to win the Hawaii trip) with jeans and sneakers. Not enough room in the ball room, so sat outside and watched the presentation on a monitor with Stacy and Holly and watched the hotel staff cart out thousands of cupcakes. Did not win trip to Hawaii, nor did anyone I have ever heard of. Ate a cupcake. Went to dinner. Ate a couple of bites of prime rib, rice pilaf, steamed vegetables, and salad and a blueberry custardy dessert of some kind. At least I never gave into bread.

Came back up to my room, checked my email, got ready for the mixer in outfit 3— a blue dress and taupe heels. Wandered around my third student-less mixer for several hours. Got a 2nd headshot after finally seeing my shitty headshots from 2 months ago courtesy of Caron. couldn’t wear my glasses because they couldn’t fight the glare 😦

Hung out with Christina for a while after the mixer and reminisced about our horrible ex-jobs. Continued packing. Ate minibar cashews. Soon bed. 

Breakfast at 6:30, bus at 8:00, graduation at 9:00, to the airport from what I estimate is 12-5. Meandering around SLC was fun last year but I just don’t have the energy or the desire to pay $30 to pay for a cab ride to the airport on my own time. Finally back home (or at least in Indy) at 10:22(back to EST!) tomorrow. Too damn tired to put up with getting on a bathroom scale.


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