A list of concerts I’ve been to

1998- Manhattan Transfer- Bowling Green, OH (parents weekend at my brother’s school– forbidden from going to any good concerts in my middle school personal life. Memorable banter included “Toledo– you guys make ketchup here. Don’t you? Right?) *

2004- Orgy- Cleveland, OH (you’ve got to start somewhere I guess…) *

2006- Mindless Self Indulgence- twice- Columbus, OH & Toledo, OH (the first time was a downer because my ride got busted with a pot pipe on the way down; the second was a downer because Jimmy Urine ignored my home(dorm)made “Fuck Me Jimmy… I’m on the Rag!” t-shirt and I thereby decided I hated them forever. **

2006- Muse- Cleveland, OH? **1/2 played all new shit I didn’t care about, got drunk

2006- Morrissey- Cleveland, OH (with Renee and her mom for mother’s day. I didn’t know any of the new songs and the best parts were show-offy lesbians making him uncomfortable and eating a grilled cheese when I got home) **

2009- Metallica- Indianapolis ***1/2 (3 1/2 stars for lighting shit on fire… they’d get more but they’re not municipal waste)

2010- Megadeth/Testament/Exodus- Indianapolis ***

2011- Municipal Waste/The Melvins- Munster, IN **** (got fucked up by 12 year olds inexplicably playing kickass thrash, got a shirt with the sadistic magician riding a terror shark. Melvins were inconsequential but got a good deal of memorable Municipal Ted soundbites that he does not remember)

2011- Black Label Society/Guns N Roses- Indianapolis ***1/2

2012- GWAR/Municipal Waste (for my birthday :))- Toledo, OH ****

2012- Fleshgod Apocalypse- Indianapolis (everything broken- bassist played pretend), who cares about the headliners ***1/2 

2012- Danzig/Doyle- Indianapolis ***1/2 (Doyle was great! It was at this concert I realized how much more I care about hearing and leaning than seeing)

2012- 3 Inches of Blood/Municipal Waste- Columbus, OH ***** (extra star for 3iB and stools)

2012- Cocaine Wolves- FoS who cares about the headliners***

2012- Anthrax/Motorhead/Slayer-Noblesville ***** (learned about killed by death, Slayer set all kinds of shit on fire… great pro-bono freak show)


Alice Cooper/Iron Maiden (tomorrow)

Skeletonwitch (finally…. August and September)

Fleshgod Apocalypse August

Municipal Waste whenever possible ****+

Leonard Cohen maybe in November


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