live-blogging the Dan Dakich Show

12:05 Dakich isn’t doing this for ratings and he doesn’t care if anyone from WV tunes in. This is an important story. He’s talking to a NY Times Guy named Pete. 

12:10 the only people to visit the pot smoking basketball player in jail are his grandparents and his first baby mama -journalist. 5 bros dead, other 4 in jail…. cycle of poverty in Richmond, VA

12:13 Bobby Knight put someone against a wall for giving a player a free hamburger. Dan Dakich wants to know where players got money for new shoes. Why does no one know about parents getting flown to NM, 5000 in a bag, etc

12:14 Dakich reminds everyone that Hardesty told him and his wife that he would DESTROY them, journalist confirms that guy never denied story flat out. Dan Dakich calls situation for kid/family a tragedy.

12:18- Pete Thamel leaves. Dan is about to take callers. Reiterates he’s not doing it for ratings.

12:26 WVUs athletic director says they have to solve their problems by going on the back porch and have some iced tea with his wife. When he wouldn’t help, Dan & Jackie referred to president.

12:29 an hour after quitting, Dakich’s lawyer brother calls to say WVU offers another 125 k and 2 years if he doesn’t leave. Dakich is the man and he refuses to come back.

12:34 so many fucking commercials

12:37 Dakich is going off about why he never tells the story of WVU. Reports someone is just now changing his wikipedia page. does more imitations of athletic director talking about iced tea or lemonade. sounds like Beavis and buttheads principal.

12:41 Dan Dakich doesn’t deny challenging the entire WVU team to a fight “i’ll kick all of your asses” during a rant but he doesn’t REMEMBER doing it. If he did do it, he doesn’t regret it because they needed their asses kicked.

12:52 Dan Dakich is going to podcast the show

1:02 when he comes back he’s going to talk about the colts… and more of this… because he’s having fun.

1:18 golf golf charity golf golf

1:51 colts colts colts

2:06 “according to a crack addict, we’re better than crack” (Dan Dakich when asked why haters keep listening and calling in to his show)

2:08 I really need to do some work.


It’s been a big day at work

I’ve reached a new milestone– now I don’t just have students complaining to my current and former managers about me (and then saying that complaining was an accident) and student services. Now they’re taking’ it to the Better Business Bureau! We’re a fucking nonprofit and not the swindling kind. Luckily the student in question isn’t MY student anymore (he graduated- you’re welcome, guy) and I have documentation that I didn’t do the things he blames me for (he has a history for blaming everyone for his shortcomings and cussing out graders) and my manager says I have nothing to worry about.

This particular student claims I forced him to change majors and thus fucked him out of entering directly into the master’s program. I allegedly promised him he could get into the masters program and that going into the easy major was THE way to do it. The reality is he took the initiative to switch to an easier major to avoid doing hard stuff. College is hard guys, sorry. I’ve attended courses in six of them and most of them were challenging in some way. I never thought to blame my instructors or advisors though when I got a bad grade or didn’t get my way (except when they were actively being dicks- then I confronted them to their faces… at the time I was 21 not in my forties with kids and a wife).

In other news I received my first email from a student that began with “Dude.”

Alice Cooper Fever

Ever since seeing Alice Cooper/Iron Maiden we have become obsessed. We listen on spotify all day. I ALMOST want to see Dark Shadows because I hear he’s in it. Finally, I gave in to my boyfriend’s suggestion that I get Alice Cooper Golf Monster for my kindle. I feel like I’m wasting my time if I’m reading fiction. I began two or three other books before shelling out the $12 for Alice Cooper’s tome of golf and awesomeness, but reading those lower priced non-fiction books, no matter how intriguing the subject matter was, also felt like a waste of time.

I was still skeptical because of all the intermittent golf at first but yesterday the book started to heat up. So far reading about his interaction and love of snakes was my favorite part, although I personally do not share the interest. He mentions some of his favorite all time snakes such as Boa Derek and Julius Squeezer– he also has a story about  playing a show in South America when he couldn’t take his snakes through customs so the promoters agreed to get him one…. although they got him a really pissed off one straight from the jungle which was deemed unsuitable for live scarf use.

I still plan on Alice Coopering it up for Halloween. I have acquired some fake leather leggings from the internet and saw a suitable $7 wig at Menards, the store which has everything.

On an unrelated note I am having extra fucked up dreams lately, some dream themes of late include my boyfriend telling me I’m bad at everything, vicious multiple headed tapeworms, fires/explosions, my 5 years departed dad visiting me in the basement to make fun of the foo fighters and slipknot (OK that last one was pretty cool). Maybe this is part of why I’m so drained and cranky. Yesterday I could barely make myself do work because it was Monday, I hated everything, I was tired, and my speakers were broken (the IT girl helped me fix them today thank God).

While not really working that hard yesterday I read on cracked and Wikipedia that Lemmy Kilmister has a daily diet of red meat, whiskey, and drugs. He also would bring his mom’s guitar to school despite an inability to play to get girls to hook up with him. Lemmy is pretty cool too. Maybe I will read about him next.

A minute with the Crazy old FedEx guy

I walk into FedEx wearing an Iron Maiden t shirt.

Crazy old Fed Ex Guy: Do you like AC/DC?

Me: They’re ok, I don’t really listen to them.

COFEG: I hear they were just in town not long ago.

Me: Yea.

COFEG: They have their own wine now.

Me: Oh yea, what do they call that?

COFEG: I dunno, AC/DC Terrible? It’s like $16 a bottle.

Me: Lol, have a good day.

stuff I did today

Drove around for 3 hours to 5 different post offices trying to cash money orders

made a phone call about beer that kept slipping my mind for weeks but ended up being okay because the beer decided to be 5 months late

got gas and a cup of butterscotch (?) coffee at speedway

got chipotle to be eaten later


messed around with dogs, doggie medicine, scooped dog poop

worked some more

hung out with an outside cat i haven’t seen in at least a month

watered everything planty outside

went to kroger and spent $186

put up groceries

changed out cat boxes

talked to other outside cat who has taken to only coming out at night

sat on my butt, listened to Alice Cooper and ate strawberries

hopeful end to my day: eat burrito, go to bed