It’s been a big day at work

I’ve reached a new milestone– now I don’t just have students complaining to my current and former managers about me (and then saying that complaining was an accident) and student services. Now they’re taking’ it to the Better Business Bureau! We’re a fucking nonprofit and not the swindling kind. Luckily the student in question isn’t MY student anymore (he graduated- you’re welcome, guy) and I have documentation that I didn’t do the things he blames me for (he has a history for blaming everyone for his shortcomings and cussing out graders) and my manager says I have nothing to worry about.

This particular student claims I forced him to change majors and thus fucked him out of entering directly into the master’s program. I allegedly promised him he could get into the masters program and that going into the easy major was THE way to do it. The reality is he took the initiative to switch to an easier major to avoid doing hard stuff. College is hard guys, sorry. I’ve attended courses in six of them and most of them were challenging in some way. I never thought to blame my instructors or advisors though when I got a bad grade or didn’t get my way (except when they were actively being dicks- then I confronted them to their faces… at the time I was 21 not in my forties with kids and a wife).

In other news I received my first email from a student that began with “Dude.”


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