live-blogging the Dan Dakich Show

12:05 Dakich isn’t doing this for ratings and he doesn’t care if anyone from WV tunes in. This is an important story. He’s talking to a NY Times Guy named Pete. 

12:10 the only people to visit the pot smoking basketball player in jail are his grandparents and his first baby mama -journalist. 5 bros dead, other 4 in jail…. cycle of poverty in Richmond, VA

12:13 Bobby Knight put someone against a wall for giving a player a free hamburger. Dan Dakich wants to know where players got money for new shoes. Why does no one know about parents getting flown to NM, 5000 in a bag, etc

12:14 Dakich reminds everyone that Hardesty told him and his wife that he would DESTROY them, journalist confirms that guy never denied story flat out. Dan Dakich calls situation for kid/family a tragedy.

12:18- Pete Thamel leaves. Dan is about to take callers. Reiterates he’s not doing it for ratings.

12:26 WVUs athletic director says they have to solve their problems by going on the back porch and have some iced tea with his wife. When he wouldn’t help, Dan & Jackie referred to president.

12:29 an hour after quitting, Dakich’s lawyer brother calls to say WVU offers another 125 k and 2 years if he doesn’t leave. Dakich is the man and he refuses to come back.

12:34 so many fucking commercials

12:37 Dakich is going off about why he never tells the story of WVU. Reports someone is just now changing his wikipedia page. does more imitations of athletic director talking about iced tea or lemonade. sounds like Beavis and buttheads principal.

12:41 Dan Dakich doesn’t deny challenging the entire WVU team to a fight “i’ll kick all of your asses” during a rant but he doesn’t REMEMBER doing it. If he did do it, he doesn’t regret it because they needed their asses kicked.

12:52 Dan Dakich is going to podcast the show

1:02 when he comes back he’s going to talk about the colts… and more of this… because he’s having fun.

1:18 golf golf charity golf golf

1:51 colts colts colts

2:06 “according to a crack addict, we’re better than crack” (Dan Dakich when asked why haters keep listening and calling in to his show)

2:08 I really need to do some work.


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