foods i hate

Straight up Cow Milk- it’s not good for kids. it’s not good for cats. it’s not goo for anybody. it’s nutritionally inferior to soy milk. its texture is appalling. 

Mac and Cheese/Cheetos, etc.- I hate anything with orange powdered cheese. I will tolerate a Doritos loco taco for adventure’s sake. The worst is when you have a library book and it has orange cheesy finger prints or a booger in it. I am so thankful that my man got me a Kindle.

Most varieties of noodles- I’m very particular about textures, diameters, widths, applications of sauce

Alfredo sauce- gross! That’s like the whole list in one!

Cold soups- defeats the purpose of soups. Call it a drink.

Shellfish, fish fish, anything that smells like fish with the exception of fried fish and chips on rare occasion

Thick burgers- I like skinny burgers from the grill in my yard, Wendy’s, and steak and shake. In most applications I don’t like the taste or texture of ground beef especially in large quantities.



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