Delayed parkinglot post: food and food accessories

In theory I hate processed food. I hate all the bullshit you can’t pronounce or identify. Don’t put silicone dioxide (sand) in my tacos and spices. Keep your transfats outta my snacks. I have yet to evolve to a point where I actually have the time energy or money to devote to whole no bs foods.

Furthermore, why does everything have to have onion derivatives or garlic powder in with it? my man can’t eat onion laced foods without getting sick so making anything Mexican or Italian or flavorful can prove to be a challenge. It’s the principle anyhow; lots of people don’t get along with those two foods.

After extensive reading of tiny print I’ve found 2 onionless marinara sauces in Indianapolis. I’m not sure if an onionless salsa exists or not but I have found 2 onionless  queso sauces. Back to seasonings…. I needed a sweet and smoky rub for pork to make Korean tacos. After about 15 minutes of spice aisle examination I just decided to make my own out of brown sugar, cinnamon, salt, black pepper and ground chipotle pepper(my only seasoning purchase today aside from liquid smoke). So far it smells like heaven but we’ll see how it tastes tonight [ed. Note: best tacos ever]

Also, when did sesame oil begin sharing a price point with myhr and other precious commodities?  99% sure its on par with the fancypants olive oils. Oil vey!!


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