Day 3 Juice flub

4 tomatoes on the vine

2.5 carrots

1 lemon

2 snack packs of celery

2 jalapeno peppers

The peppers were a mistake in retrospect. At first taste my healthy mary is delicious but then the slow lingering burn of too many peppers sets in. It’s been a long time since I was able to put half a bottle of hot sauce in my smoothies but i guess it’s also been a long time since i could drink half a case of shitty beer in one session too. Key Lime Sparkling water chaser it is!

As the day goes on I’m pretty much used to the hotness.

Last night made another batch of bananorangeapple juice, drank half before dinner and half this morning. Added cinnamon and the whole concoction came out tasting like a spiced pear shake. A+!

So far I’m digging juice because my skin looks healthier, I’m starting to be less tired, and I don’t have the urge to drink coffee all damn day long. I’m somewhat less interested in sugar but it’s hard to resist chocolate when it’s nearby.

I talked to my juice loving student and she showed me another recipe website which looks pretty cool:

She also taught me about something called natural horsemanship which seems to be like horsewhispering and treating ponies like people. I learned the word horsenality which is right up there with cattitude. Always teaching me stuff, those students!!

For my next trick i think I’m going to do carrots, sweet potato, apples, and celery. Or whatever happens when I forget that I wrote that down when I get downstairs.


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