Best Christmas Ever

Friday 12-21-

Work Christmas party: go downtown, hang out with Christina Holly and Hope (wow my friends have Christmas-y names), eat tacos

Go home and prepare for Saturday’s Christmas Dinner; Josh smokes a ham and a turkey on his early Xmas gift of fresh peach and cherry wood (unutilized: pear). By Friday I’ve already made mashed potatoes, stuffing, and an Italian creme cake. Get Chinese food delivered for dinner and have a pretty decent vegetable egg roll.


Open gifts with the kids and family. The kids got exactly what they wanted. They even got me 3 candles (one smells and looks like a little cup of coffee), a snow globe, some candy (yum) and a craft 🙂 we love crafts. Later we watch the Simpsons movie

Sunday: Go with kids to Incredible Pizza (kind of a highly evolved chuck e. cheese with better food, decor, laser tag, mini golf, bowling, simulators, bumper cars and go karts). Play ski ball with Josh. Find a cardboard waldo hidden among some arcade games and feel accomplished and earn a free return visit. Spend our virtual tickets on a Hershey’s scented candle. Stop on the way home to give beer gifts to my favorite brewery.

Monday- Christmas Eve- do errands with Josh, take a Starbucks break. Santa brings Josh a copy of Dear God No! to watch. Begin to watch Portlandia.

Tuesday- Real Christmas! Go with Josh, his mom and his grandma to Hoosier Park Casino. First time at a casino 🙂 Get gifted $50 in gambling money. Lose $10. Go to the buffet, eat prime rib, candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberries, bourbon bread pudding, two different types of cheese cake and another kind of cake. Go back to slots, lose $20, lose 15 more and resign self to penny slots with last $5. Eventually at the very end of the day I turned it into $55 by squatting on the same $.20 machine after the lady next to me gives me her last $.19. A fun trip! Drop off Grandma and pet a wandering cat who looks and talks like my Mokers.

Go home and get more presents. Josh got me 2 movies (it would have been 1 but I alerted him that I almost bought the 2nd and he just gave it to me so I wouldn’t), a new Gorod CD (with a bird on it), a Mr  McGibblets doll decorated for Christmas, two types of starbucks Cocoa, some herbal tea and a charlie brown Christmas tree 🙂 This is not to mention the blender and the vacuum I received in November.

Josh’s mom got me some more tiny candles, some nice Arbonne stuff and some hello kitty pj’s. She got us both a colts lawn ornament for our pa-Dio 🙂 The cats and dogs got me an Alice Cooper Christmas ornament and a GWAR (green) Christmas record (though we don’t have a record player but that’s okay, it’s the thought that counts).

I also Facebook talked with my mom a little as we tend to do around holidays. Considering whether to collide our universes later this week. As usual she doesn’t seem to care either way. Watch Mr. Death, think a lot, watch more Portlandia, eat cake. Wake up on Wednesday to a blizzard thankful we’ve stockpiled cocoa. back to work now 😦 Wishing it was the weekend again!

Also, Juicing is not going so great this week. Ever since I went to Jackie O’s last weekend, my diet has reverted to avalanche pizza, fluff, beer, cookies, coffee, and holiday food with the occasional juice interruption. I’ll get back on it though I swear!


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