June 9

1 donut

coffee with silk and splenda

yard work all day


500 don pablos 🙂 margarita, chips and queso and salsa, mushroom fajitas, mashed potatoes water

1030 ice cream cake water

1200 popcorn butter, 1 beer



This is the place

This is the place

I am amazed at what people are searching for when they come across this blog. There’s a lot of interest in Dan Dakich’s wife… I have to wonder if she is hot, not having googled her myself (why bother if it just takes me directly here?). If anyone actually thinks I am her due to our similar names, just throw that idea in the hot garbage. Not sure what my connection is to defaced and graffitied sluts (in the literary sense). I can now see however that no one really gives a damn about juice so you’re welcome on the secondary blog.

Attention specialists

If you’re so inclined to read about recipes, juice, and what I eat on a daily basis, feel free to visit whatjacquieats.wordpress.org. This is my latest halfassed attempt at a food journal, for once, without wasting notebooks at a time. I felt it would be unfair to what 2 readers I have to clog my existing blog with inane food lists in between rants.